What is Cloud Acceleration? Introducing HyperonCloud :)


Hey everyone, I wanted to introduce the Hyperon Cloud Acceleration project, a newfangled service that my partner, Oliver, and I are trying to develop.  It’s a neat project!  I’m really excited!

What is Cloud Acceleration?

Cloud acceleration and CDN networks are not mutually exclusive–both are very important. In fact, both are complementary to achieving a goal of delivering data between a user and a server/cloud in the fastest possible way. One of the biggest hindrances to network performance speed is the geographic distance from the one’s computer (the IP source) to a remote computer where the content resides (the IP destination). For example, a client in Washington D.C. would have to go 231 miles to retrieve data from a server in New York. Today, as more and more IT infrastructures are being migrated to the cloud (typically in a remote region), geographic distance is increased with people around the world accessing cloud infrastructures halfway across the world from them. As we all know, the longer the distance, the higher the network latency and slower the application performance.

A CDN solution fixes this problem for static content (web pages, videos, pictures, etc.) because the CDN distributes and caches the same static content around the world so that it could be “served” up as close to the user as possible. But, what about dynamic content that constantly changes within real-time applications, such as sharepoint, CRM applications, or most cloud applications (SaaS, PaaS, etc.), etc? Since this content is dynamically changing, it cannot be distributed and cached. Instead, the client must still traverse the global distance to retrieve content. Latency remains the issue.

This is where Cloud Acceleration comes in. Cloud acceleration solves the problem of distance by making the globally traversed connection more “efficient” between a client and remote server. What do I mean by “efficiency?” Network efficiency is achieved by decreasing the amount of duplicated data that is transmitted back and forth between a client and a remote server, optimizing the TCP protocol, and mitigating the chattiness of inefficient applications. As more and more cloud applications are developed in the cloud and now situated in an unknown geographic location sometimes quite distant from the user, cloud acceleration mitigates the negative impact.

So, what’s working behind the scenes to accelerate these users?  It’s what we’re calling the Hyperon Cloud Accelerator–an internetwork of routing, peering, caching and WAN acceleration–that we’re designing and building out, strictly for the purposes of accelerating users to the cloud.  (We’re so excited that we could spend 16 hours working on it and not even realize time has passed.)


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