About Us

hello world.

My name is Henry.  My partner, Oliver, and I are venturing into a new project called the Hyperon Cloud Accelerator project.  It’s exciting for us.  We recently quit our full-time job to focus on this project (so excited and passionate about the potential.)  We’re spending every waking hour building it, but it doesn’t seem like time passes.  Gotta love it when passion and fun meets work.

Anyways, here are some of our past experiences.

I’ve been a veteran of the networking industry for 12 years.  I spent most of my career at Cisco Systems (4 years) as a Systems Engineer, designing and building networks for over a hundred customers.  I became a double CCIE at the age of 25 and have maintained the CCIE certification for over 10 years.  Most recently, I was a Senior Network Security Engineer at the FDIC for a year before leaving to start the Hyperon Cloud Accelerator project.  I have an MBA and I’m a 3rd year Juris Doctor student at Georgetown Law’s evening program.   It’s been tough since my interest has been more on cloud acceleration than on criminal justice.

My partner and one of my best friends, Oliver, works in the trenches with me–night and day.  This guy is one of the smartest guys I know–he knows everything from IT security to software development to networking and system administration.  He is a seasoned entrepreneur who created and successfully sold the largest Cisco VAR in the Caribbean, Netxar Technologies, Inc.  In the late 90s, Oliver formed part of the recognized Internet Security Systems (ISS) X-Force team where he performed research and development of pioneering network security technology.  He graduated from the University of Puerto Rico with a  B.S. in Computer Engineering.

Over the next <however long it takes>, we are going to build an accelerated network around the world.  Our vision is to bring lightning fast Internet access to as many parts of the world as possible.  We look forward to your suggestions.


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